New luxury made in Bangladesh

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a weak spot for “pretty things”. I used to like to get all dolled up, pink was my favourite colour and creating Barbie’s world… Continue reading

Learn from the Old and Grey

“Learn from the old and grey“, it’s a piece of wisdom still very valuable in some cultures, but loosing importance in our Western society. Unfortunately… Tribes and cultures all over the world cherish… Continue reading

the Good Samaritan

I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but sometimes the sad feeling of shame of being human overwhelms me. Like yesterday for example, when on my daily update on the world’s… Continue reading

The Rock ‘n Roll of Writing

A few months into the blogging-business, I think it’s time to take a step back and overlook my process as a “blogger”. While this blog was initially meant to write the story of… Continue reading

A child’s game for a child’s life – “Mine Kafon”

On a regular winter morning in good old Belgium I worry about when the sun will finally come back to brighten our days, whether or not I should eat that last piece of… Continue reading

Apocalypse (not right) Now

If you just took a seat in your most comfy couch – you know, the one with the ripped edge on the lefthand side, the torn leather where the dog used to sleep… Continue reading

From ORIGINAL cookery to High-Tech Orchestras

The most innovative ideas sometimes lie in the stupidest of thoughts. The most creative of inventions are often born “by accident”. It just comes to show that inspiration lies around the corner and is up for grabs to… Continue reading

Recycling the past, polishing the present: “Retro Branding”

In the Sixties mankind was able to put the first man on the moon, anno 2012, Baumgartner made the world’s first space jump; while we are capable of composing bombs that can wipe out… Continue reading

I CLICK therefore I AM, I LIKE therefore I AM

As the world is constantly evolving – spinning around the sun with the same speed it was thousands of years ago, but with tiny little humans running faster every day like there is no… Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness = a Spectrum of Happy Colours

“The pursuit of happiness”. Whichever part of the world we live in, whichever language we speak, whichever God we pray to, we all share the same ambition: to be happy. But try to… Continue reading